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Gogglebox: The Game

What would happen if we crossed your favourite game and your favourite TV show?

Find out, as Candy Crush meets Gogglebox…

Switch and match on the board to complete the levels, while some very familiar faces watch, encourage and react as you play. They might be nattering on as usual at first, but as your game progresses, they’ll start to pay closer attention. What will Leon, June, Sandy, Sandra and the rest┬áhave to say about your efforts?

There’s only one way to find out – download this free game now, put the kettle on, and get stuck into 100 levels!


Minimum Requirements:


  • This game does not support iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation, or earlier devices


  • Devices released from 2012 onwards, with minimum display resolution 800 x 480
  • Android 4.0 or higher, an ARMv7/Cortex CPU or higher and 1Gb RAM