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Download on 4oD

Download hundreds of shows for free on your iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

What’s the deal?

You can now download most 4oD shows from the last 30 days on to your favourite device to watch wherever and whenever you want.

We are also ‘series stacking’ certain shows - some episodes of some series are available for download beyond 30 days.

You need to be on Wi-Fi and in the UK or Ireland to download shows. If your Wi-Fi signal is interrupted, or you leave the country, the show will stop downloading until you’re back on a Wi-Fi network in UK or Ireland.

After downloading, you have up to seven days to watch a show.*

Unfortunately, US shows are not available to download yet, but we hope to have them in the future.

Downloading is free!

All you need to do is register with us, sign in to the 4oD app on your mobile or tablet and follow the simple instructions.

* After 30 days from broadcast, all shows (except those that are series stacked) expire from our download service. So, if you download a show that’s due to expire in the next seven days, you’ll only have that amount of time to watch the show on our download service. You may still be able to watch it via streaming on 4oD after this time.


How to?

1. When you browse 4oD on your app you will see this symbol  ic_download  next to lots of shows:


2. Tap on it and a menu will appear:


3. Then tap on the  ic_download symbol and your download will start.

You can check the progress of your download directly from here:


Or, you can go to the Downloads section from the main menu.

Here, you’ll find two tabs: Downloaded and Queue.

4. Queue displays all your downloading shows. You can check their progress, pause and resume them from here:


5. Downloaded displays all the shows you have downloaded to date, with an indication of their size and the remaining time to watch: